Phone Accessories Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Gifting tech gifts to women is not the first idea that crosses our mind when considering a gift for the women in our lives. If you are considering a gift for your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister or aunt, a techy gift would be a nice surprise. The phone is probably a woman’s dearest electronic item. It keeps her in touch with her loved ones and friends. What better way to show appreciation for that loving care than gifting her with an item that makes her phone experience better? Here are some phone accessories that could make pleasant gifts for mother’s day.

Phone charging bracelet

Women love accessorizing with unique items that catch attention. How nice if you could have a beauty accessory that could some a practical purpose? The QBracelet is unique, fun and fashionable and it can charge an iPhone! This bracelet has an Apple lightning connector that allows you to charge your iPhone. It can extend your iPhone’s battery life by up to 50% drawing power from its 1000mAh power bank. This great accessory comes in 4 different beautiful colors.

Phone charging purse

The women in our lives are busy. There are career ladders to climb, and families to look after. In the midst of all this, it is expected that they will forget items like phone chargers or power banks. But it would be rare for a woman to forget her purse. How good would it be if the purse could charge her phone? The Everpurse has this amazing capability. It is simply designed. The phone has a slot where it sits as the owner goes about her business. There is no need for a wire that would keep tangling items in the purse. These beautiful purses come in tasteful designs and colors having been designed by Kate Spade.

Themed phone case

Mother’s day this year comes in the spring. It is a time for blooming flowers and color in the air. Why not gift a special woman with a tastefully decorated smartphone case? Pick from a wide range of colorful patterns that are her favorite. She will be pleasantly surprised by this gift giving her something to smile about every time she takes out or puts back her phone in this beautiful case.

Leather earphone holder

We all love listening to our favorite music or eBook on the go.  Unfortunately, storing earphones in a purse can entangle other items dropping as the earphones are pulled out. How about giving a special woman somewhere to place the earphone in a messy-free way? Get her a leather earphone holder.

Get a special woman these wonderful phone accessories on Mother’s day and show your appreciation for her care and love in a special way. Check these gifts out on