Prevent Your Mobile Phone From Being Hacked

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These days the concept of security is overrated. There is no escape from hackers! But still prevention is better than cure. Despite the lack of trust on mobile phone security processes, it’s better to try it other than relying on people’s opinion to this matter. You might be surprised your experience doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as of others.

For every smartphone owner here are some few things you need to know when it comes to the security of your mobile device. Here are few steps you need to take on ensuring the safety of your smartphone

  1. Phone Locks

Phone locks come in handy especially in preventing first-hand phone entry by unauthorized persons. Someone may pick up your phone innocently and start navigating landing on crucial information that may compromise your security. If the individual has malicious intentions, they may use it to extort you or something. With this in mind having that password, pin or pattern screen lock can be a life changing factor. By having complicated passwords that are not related to any of your personal information such as date of birth also counts. So, it’s best to be safe and sure by having a screen lock on your phone.

  1. Avoid Open free Wi-Fi

While growing up, my mother always warned me from going into strangers house no matter how welcoming they may seem. Well, this principle instilled deep within my roots has enabled me to escape some of these hacker’s tricks. The sound of free Wi-Fi is catchy to your ears. What you don’t know is that open free Wi-Fi’s are the disguise most hackers use to access your information. Once you are hooked on that network the get to have a loophole on getting every information on your phone.

  1. Password Reminders

If you are as forgetful as me, then putting reminders on your personal browser is a common habit. This can be used to you disadvantage when someone access your browser, and when he goes to your Email, no credentials are required. With this unintentional mistake, you lay victim in the claws of vacuous hackers

  1. Installing Antiviruses

Installing an Antivirus on your mobile goes a long way. It can prevent you from virus attacks from hackers. Antiviruses have firewalls installations that prevent unwanted users from accessing your information over the internet.

  1. Disabling your Bluetooth setting

Once your device is paired with another, someone can easily hack into your system and get whatever information they desire. By disabling your Bluetooth settings and only pairing with familiar devices, you can prevent other hackers from accessing your information.