What Problems Can I Have If I Use Fake Chargers?

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There’s a variety of chargers sold in the market today from original, branded to fake, dirt cheap and poor quality chargers or those unbranded ones. These substandard chargers can wreak havoc to your phone because it is not or may not be compatible with your device. Still, a large number of people are buying the counterfeited ones because of how enticing the low price is.

Some of the common problems in using fake chargers

  1. Sub-standard chargers’ charging time is slower than the original ones because the fake charger’s current flow is limited.
  2. May cause fire hazard because it doesn’t have insulation tapes and is just badly designed.
  3. Intermittent electric supply from the charger to the phone can trigger fire and explosion.
  4. Fake lighting cables may not function well in syncing your data because original lighting connectors have built-in chips while fake ones don’t have or may not be compatible.
  5. It can seriously damage your phone’s battery and affects the life of the device.
  6. It may cause electrocution and death.
  7. It may kill you. You may have heard phones just exploding at the hands of the owner, on the table or bed while being charged.

Fake chargers are way, way cheaper than the original ones. But why buy a 2$ phone charger for your $850 phone and risk damaging your phone and not to mention your own life? The original ones may have issues but not as destructive as the knock-offs chargers.

These fake chargers just basically ignored the safety standard and extensive quality check done by big companies. Better buy the original ones and avoid being sorry in the end. Don’t’ put your phone and most importantly yourself at risk. It may save your life.