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Raves, Release & Rumors: A Look at the New Nokia 3310

Image Source: Vice NEWS | Finnish start-up, HMD Global, unveils the new Nokia 3310 at the Mobile World Congress 2017

The new Nokia 3310 stole the show from the numerous flagship smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2017, which was held in Barcelona, Spain last week.  HMD Global, a Finnish start up that holds an exclusive license of the Nokia brand for mobile phones, is responsible for bringing this iconic mobile phone back to life 17 years after its original release.

HMD Global played the nostalgia card very well with the new Nokia 3310.  It’s recent unveiling has whipped the internet into a frenzy and it’s not just limited to hype, too!  Many retailers, such as Carphone Warehouse in the UK, have revealed a swelling number of pre-registrations from their consumers just a week after the new Nokia 3310 was introduced into the market.

A Digital Detox

There is no question that the other mobile phones in the market can do infinitely more than the new Nokia 3310.  So, why the spiked interest over this classic mobile phone which is just slightly more high-tech than its original version?

The new Nokia 3310 fulfills the basic functions of a mobile phone.   You can use it to call and send a message.  Recent reports have revealed that it may have a dual-sim function, giving you better flexibility when it comes to your mobile network or service.

The new Nokia 3310 is good for individuals who are eager to ditch technology and who are not afraid to be disconnected from the internet or social media for more than 30 minutes.

Expected Features of the new Nokia 3310

Image courtesy of Android Authority | The new Nokia 3310 is simple and functional.

The new Nokia 3310 is slimmer weighing just about 79.6g, which is 53g lighter than the original release.  It has a 2.4-inch colour screen and it will be available in glossy red, glossy yellow and the classic release colors: matte dark blue and matte grey.

The rebirth of this much-loved classic also comes with new features such as dual sim option, headphone jack, SD card slot, 2mp camera, FM radio, and 2.5g internet connectivity.

Of course, Nokia phones will not be the same without the classic game of Snake and the Nokia 3310 will include a new version of this simple yet entertaining game.

Many people remember the Nokia 3310 because of its incredible battery life and the new release stays true to this reputation by offering a whopping 22 hours of talk time and it is said to keep running for a month on standby mode.

Expected Price and Release Date

HMD Global has issued a statement that the new Nokia 3310 “will retail at an average global retail price” of €49 and it will be released in the UK sometime in Q2 of 2017.

Sadly, the new Nokia 3310 will not work in the US, Australia, or Canada because, like the original, it runs on bands or frequencies, that are incompatible with U.S. networks.  It is possible that it is compatible with the frequencies and networks in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

USA Today had the chance to interview HMD Global’s Chief Executive, Arto Nummela, at the MWS and he hinted that they (HMD Global) could work on a version that would work in the U.S., but that there are no actual plans for it at present.

Raves about the new Nokia 3310

Although there are mixed emotions about the new Nokia 3310, the majority remain positive and eager for its release.  Some of the skeptics are questioning if the Nokia 3310 is still relevant in the smartphone era.

While some are criticizing HMD Global, because the nostalgic feel of the new Nokia 3310 may overshadow the innovative industrial design of the other new Nokia smartphones to be released soon, thereby affecting their brand and value significantly.

As for the HLC Wholesale Team, we loved the Nokia 3310 and we love the new Nokia 3310, too!  Although it cannot compare to the performance and features of a regular smartphone, it is simple and functional -something that is much needed in this day and age.