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Three Retail Technology Expectations For 2019

With artificial intelligence, robotics and predictive analytics are already playing a big role in the retail space as expectations keep getting high, regarding the inventions that will explode retail technology another step further in 2019.  Since 2013, consumers have seen not only rapid, but successive advancements in the retail space including, advanced applications and tools that have transformed manufacturing, marketing, and consumption into a whole new level.

Are you looking to see more surprises in 2019? Check out the way some of today’s most industrious tech retailers have been incorporating desktop, mobile, and in-store technology to give the customer the best shopping experience.

Here are are some of the things you should keep an eye out for this year;

1. 3D simulation expected to hit the mainstream.

3D simulation is one of the greatest inventions already in existence and the only expectation it attracts in 2019 is the breakthrough that consumers have been expecting for a while. 3D boasts of unique capabilities which involve simple, complex, modernized and yet easy-to-create designs and smart supply chain processes.

The tech offers consumers with varieties of new apps from its famous conversion of the former 2D flat lays into 3D. 3D is the technology of the future, and the future is now, and that is the reason it is expected to explode into extensive retail use very soon. CLO3D and Browzwear are great at maximizing processing efficiency, are makes digital design not only simplified and faster but also cost-effective and easy to access.

2. AI Recommended Products And Services. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) keeps gaining ground in the retail technology space, and 2019 is expected to be a remarkable year for AI. With increasing attention from consumers and recommendations, AI should become one of the best tools for any retailer. Studies about the effectiveness of AI have always been quite impressive, landing retailers more impressions and sales.

If you have heard of Alexa (Amazon’s artificial intelligence), then you would know how seemingly certain, Amazon is about investing in Alexa to transform it from a cool gadget to a personal guide.  The retail world is expecting to see AI in 2019 playing the role of a personal guide by offering consumers prediction services on every Amazon product in the market, for example, grocery and pantry needs and dressing tips

It is fulfilling to have AI actively involved in product creation alongside retailers. That is the expectation that has been there for years. Have you worked in a company that uses AI tech to do retail forecasting that is productive and reliable? Several companies use AI, and like Amazon, they appreciate and want to upgrade it. Another exploit of AI that several companies have invested in is letting AI develop particular design concepts that human designers only have to vet and choose the best for production.

3. Augmented Reality And Retail Technology

Nothing grows and expands faster than today’s modern tech world.  Augmented reality (AR) technology is not different, and in 2019, its pace and recommendations are expected to rise like never before. The improvement recorded on AR retail technology exploits keeps indicating a striking surge, especially in recent years and purchasers in some retail categories are already showing interest. Its artist apps are a good example. They feature a virtual makeup retail tech with which a consumer can use for experimentation to find out how well a product fits their face, based on their color and complexion.  Apart from that, IKEA’s AR app also boasts of the ability to let customers experiment with having homes filled with up to 2,000 plus furniture, set according to their taste.

It will be fulfilling to increase retailers experience in 2019 by employing AR services to render smart customization to shoppers with upgraded control and convenience levels. By the way, these successes are enormous, but the AR is not up for a complete display of its potential in 2019.   Much work is still to be done to further advance this retail technology for a more natural and customizable customer experience.

Retail Technology Adds Value To Both Customers And Retailers 

Satisfying the customers in fulfilling their desires by combining a brand’s business objectives with the right strategy to deliver retail tech, is what brands are striving to accomplish on a wide scale.  Retail tech is not only advanced but it keeps advancing via innovations and that helps to improve retail customization, potentials and fresh collaborative openings for consumers and that’s what 2019 has in store. I believe that the concept of stealing creativity is on the way to be replaced by an enhancement of the retail tech’s creative process, considering the present surge in retail brand innovations.

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