Smartphone Life-Hacks Every User Should Know

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The internet can be a deceiving place if you are not careful. From the likes of recharging your mobile phone using a banana to popcorn making with your cellphone radiations, the list of hoaxes is endless. Wake up guys, not everything you see on the Internet is true! These are, but the few life-hack hoaxes people mistake to be true.

Well, let’s begin by describing what a life hack is. This is the little secrets to living life to the fullest by making use of the things around you. As you may call them tricks that give life a new meaning. A good illustration is like knowing where to charge your phone when all the sockets and plugs are nowhere to be found or being used.

Did you know you can do so much with your phone other than your regular Joe routines? You can make more of life with some few tricks up your sleeve. These tricks will leave a lasting impression on your friends when you turn out to be the guy who saved the day.

Here, we get to talk about some of these tricks that everyone of you should know.

Smartphone Life Hacks

  1. Using your party cup as an amplifier.

For those college students with no sound systems and a low phone system volume, you can always convert that paper party cup you carried back on your way to the dorm. It acts as an amplifier for your phone’s volume giving you the impression of having if not close to something like a beatbox.

  1. Using your Hair clip or cassette set to hold your phone

Are you tired of holding your phone whenever you want to watch a movie or listen to your jam online? Well, you can easily convert your hair clip into a phone stand. It gets even more exciting when you use those old cassette casings you have no use for. You are innovative at no cost.

  1. Charging your phone or your TV

If you keep on misplacing your USB power plug, you can always charge your phone using your TV. Most of the digital TVs today come with a USB slot which you can turn into use for charging your phone. However, don’t make it a habit.

  1. Extending your Battery life

Did you know of the application called Watchdog Task Manager? This app monitors your other apps power usage for all of you Android users. So what other greater way than downloading this app on your phone? You will cut down ten times your battery usage once you start using this application.

  1. Sharing of apps

Instead of downloading applications that keep eating up on your data bundles, you can always Bluetooth or use sharing applications such as file share to get the applications from your friend’s phone. This will help cut down data costs that were eating down on your pocket

Hope with these few tips your life has been revolutionized.