Spruce Up Your Mobile Device with These DIY Spring Themed Accessories

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Spring is finally here!  It can’t be denied that spring brings about feelings of hope and new beginnings.  It is definitely a breath of fresh air from all the long and cold winter nights that we have been through this past season.

What better way to celebrate the start of spring than by sprucing up your smartphone to celebrate the new season?  Here are some of the unique spring themes that you can use on your accessories to get into the new season.

Garden Themed Smartphone Cases

Spring is all about colors and life. Why not buy some spring themed smartphone cases with beautiful garden designs?

Source: Anne Le | Can’t find the spring theme accessory that you want for your smartphone? Why not create one for yourself?

If you can’t find one, you can also make these cases on your own, just like this DIY Cute Spring Theme Cellphone Case project by Anne Le.  All you’ll need are some plain smartphone cases, some paint and markers and you’re good to go!  You can even make a couple of them and just pop on a different case anytime that you feel like it.

Spring Themed Phone Charger

Your smartphone charger doesn’t need to be left behind on the spring fever!

Source: HGTV Handmade | Breathe life to your otherwise boring charger using stickers

You can give life to these often boring accessory by wrapping them in colorful adhesives or washi tapes. This video from HGTV Handmade will point you in the right direction for your DIY project.

You can even buy a number of cords or chargers and design them to fit your mood or to give them out as gifts to friends or loved ones!  HLC Wholesale offers many inexpensive yet very high-quality cables that you can choose from.

Spring Themed Earphones

Source: Creme de la Craft | Add a little bit of character to your earphones with this DIY project.

Spring colors are usually blue, pink and green and for the girls, springtime is a great season to get a fresh nail polish. Wouldn’t it be great if you have these colors matching with your earphones too?

With this very easy D.I.Y from Creme de la Craft, you can instantly turn any earphone cords into a colorful spring accessory! Why not, invite some of your friends and do this as a fun group activity?

Spring Themed Keyboard for Android

Source: Pinterest | Even your keyboard can have a hint of spring with these lively keyboard themes

Another way to get ready for spring is by installing a keyboard application and downloading spring themed keyboard skins. This will not just drastically improve how your phone looks like, it’s also very stylish. There are a lot of keyboard apps you can install to your android phone and most of them are very easy to customize.

Spring Themed Android Launchers

Source: AndroidLooks.com | Let your android phone blossom with spring with these creative themes

The android device’s user interface is called a launcher and the really good thing about it is, it’s highly customizable. You can just easily download a launcher app and download different skins unto them and you’ll have a different looking user interface altogether.

Why not download a launcher skin appropriate for the season? This will surely get you in the mood for Spring.

Don’t be Afraid to DIY

At HLC Wholesale, we have a wide array of accessories and products that are very friendly on your budget.  This will allow you to buy as much as you need for all your DIY projects.  Stay tuned for more tips like these on our blog to help you personalize your accessories!