How to start an online mobile phone accessory business [2019 update]

Starting an Online Mobile Accessory Business [2019 Update]

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Are you thinking about starting an online mobile accessory business? A mobile accessory business can be remarkably rewarding but take note that the market is crowded with competition.

Looking for a business that sells? Do you need a product line that will always have customers?

Then what you need is a smartphone accessories business.

In 2016 alone, mobile phone accessories sold for $60.42 billion. Projections see this at a steady growth for the next 5 years as well.

If you’re not sure where to start with your mobile accessory business, we can help you. We’ll teach you how to make a successful e-commerce platform. This will help you to sell those high-quality mobile accessories.

Are you ready to make a smartphone business that sells? Keep reading and find out how.

Putting Up Your Location

When you’re planning to set up your online phone accessory business at home, here’s the thing. It’s crucial for you to create a productive workspace. Working from home can help with productivity, as long as you can mute out any distraction.

You can’t help it if there are other things that you need to do. Even then, you need to reevaluate your home office space. There are a few ways to do it.

Boosting Business Productivity

It’s unlikely for your home to look like something that came out of dramas. Even then, there are ways to set it up to create more productivity for the business you’re about to do.

Put it out of areas of your home with high foot traffic. Where you can, paint it soothing colors that remove the drab out of the space. If you can, set it beside a natural light source like a window to help reduce eye strain and headaches.

Make yourself comfortable, but not so much that it gets you napping. Invest in good furniture that keeps your body in the right position.

Don’t set it up in your bedroom. The worst thing you can do is associate work with bedtime.

You might be asking, what has this to do with setting a business about smartphone accessories? The thing is, you want to make the entire business right the first time around.

You will spend much of your time in front of your computer.

The phone accessories business market is growing. You need the best e-commerce site. You might as well make the entire experience comfy enough.

Setting Up Your Online Real Estate

Once you’ve set up the physical location of your new online business, you’re ready for the next step. Your next move is to get online real estate. You would need a domain hosting and your domain name.

There’s a big list of proven domain hosting providers, depending on many details. You would want to read the pros and cons of their services. Pick a service that provides fast page load times and 99+ percent uptime.

Once you pick up the proper domain hosting service, you need to choose a name. As always, you want a name that relates to your services. In this case, you want something about mobile accessories for phones.

The next move is to have the graphics worked out. If you’re going for a mobile accessories business, you want something easy on the eyes.

You will have an extensive list of items on your catalog. This means a bigger list of things to sell. You should focus on performance, so graphics should be simple.

Your next order of business will be finding your virtual staff. To help your customers, you may want at least a few people to do customer service. You also need someone to handle your social media like Facebook and Instagram.

You also need to handle your due diligence. Take care of your legal matters first. Set up your own privacy policy and copyright policies as well.

Settle business permits and tax permits before you get started. Once you’re ready, let’s talk platforms.

Picking the Right eCommerce Platform

Choosing the right platform is essential. It can help you make your business work better. There’s a few ups and downs to every platform, depending on your needs and your expertise.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most common customer management system on the internet. It comprises 30% of all websites on the internet.

WP provides a free trial, with a free and straightforward installation. It’s the easiest to customize platform due to its widespread use.

The cost of maintaining the site is average at most, with high user-friendliness. Its 35,000+ plugins are unmatchable, and it’s easy to set it up for SEO.

2. Shopify

Shopify is famous in the e-commerce industry. They provide the best tools to online catalogs and e-commerce sites. They provide free trial, with among the lowest cost in the market for product numbers.

It is easy to use, with very adaptable customization options for their customers. SEO in Shopify has e-commerce as their focus, though you don’t get as many plugins.

3. Magento

Magento is a great CMS if you have a big website with an ultra-large catalog of products. It has high setup and maintenance costs due to not having a lot of experts on the platform. However, it is the most scalable.

Magento can handle extensions that connect to other systems like POS. With its powerful SEO capabilities and many valuable plugins designed for e-commerce, it’s a great choice for anyone who needs a big website that can perform.

4. Amazon

Amazon does not provide a website per se. You can set up your phone accessories business within its ecosystem. Because it’s the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, it would not be a problem to set up a business here.

SEO and reach are not an issue, but rather how you will differentiate your products. You will do this against many other mobile phone accessory providers on Amazon. You would need to know the right way to set up your Amazon SEO.

Stocking Up Your Smartphone Accessories

Now that your website is up and ready, the next move is to find the products for you. There are a few ways to do this, depending on some factors. You can choose to do drop shipping or direct e-commerce sales.

Drop shipping involves creating deals with various suppliers and only getting items when there are orders. Direct e-commerce sales use the traditional ship and inventory method.

If you want to run a real, proper business, then you need to start stocking. How do you create a stock of accessories for smartphones that make sense?

For starters, it’s vital to learn a few things about the market. Learning about mobile phone accessory trends can be useful. It helps you know which accessories move faster.

Cases, light attachments and selfie sticks are a fixture. There’s also dongles, lightning connectors and adapters.

You would also want to find the accessories that work best for each Android OS. Every one of them has their own compatibilities with every accessory that you get.

Another great set of accessories to stock are both earphones and headsets. You would want to choose something that has good reviews and a following, as well.

When it comes to stocking, wholesale is always the answer. It gives you many points of discounts, adding more points of margin and bottom line. Wholesale lets you deliver the products ASAP.

Digital Marketing and SEO for Your Mobile Phone Accessories Business

Now that you have stocks for your phone accessory business, we need to make your business visible on the internet. The only way to do this is through digital marketing and SEO.

1. SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a method of using keywords to help search engines find you. By following Google’s webmaster guidelines, you can have your website indexed and ranked by search engines.

There are almost 200 SEO ranking factors on the internet, so you need a dedicated specialist to do the work. If you plan on working on it, there are a few things to learn.

Technical SEO refers to On-Page and Off-Page SEO, with different elements between them.

On-Page SEO are the details that you can change on your website to make it easier to find for search engines. The goal is to make your website relevant with keywords, metadata and useful content as well.

Off-Page SEO are elements that help you away from your page. Techniques like guest posting, link building and social media are some Off-Page elements.

2. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising platform. It lets you create searchable ads and bypass all organic pages on the first page. It also lets you have rolling video ads on their other platforms like Youtube.

If you plan on using Adwords, there are some steps that you need to follow. You would also want to have a big enough budget to use this to full effect.

Adwords work fast and it is reliable, but you still need SEO for it to work. SEO is long-term, and a strong foundation in SEO can help you make the most out of your pages.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is another effective way to advertise your mobile phone accessory business. Much like Adwords, FB Ads lets you show your products throughout Facebook and its partners. It enables you to customize your audience, as well.

Up to 52% of FB users say they received influence from FB ads when they were buying, both online and offline. This is rising at the moment, as well.

Facebook is low-cost and has a solid reach. It is economical and can be set up for highly-targeted advertising.

Much like Adwords, this requires an expert to do. It also requires your SEO to be up to spec.

4. Social Media

Social media is always a useful way to channel interested customers. We can make an entire article that is all about social media but your target is to find influencers and follow trends using hashtags.

Influencers tie-ups can help by bringing people to your pages. 74% of consumers trust social media influencers to guide their purchases.

Trends and hashtags can bring your name up once there is enough of an audience.

Ready To Start Your Mobile Accessory Business?

When you’re going for an e-commerce business of your own, you need something that always sells. A mobile accessory business will always have a client base. It’s low-cost enough to enter and the bottom line is good.

Ready to start your own business? Find the best mobile phone accessories for your business, only here at HLC Wholesale.

Create a free account with us at HLC Wholesale and start planning on your phone accessories business. You can even get a $20 discount with the coupon code HLC20 at checkout for new customers!

(How to start an online mobile phone accessory business [2019 update])