Steps on How to Start a Smartphone Accessory Business

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Cell phone accessory business can be remarkably rewarding. But here is the thing: the market is crowded with competition cut-throat. With big name franchises and independent stores at the forefront of the cell phone accessory sector, you are in for a harsh ride. And that isn’t all. The internet is teeming with e-commerce sites and web stores eager to turn profits in the business.

If you can find a good spot with limited competition or create a formidable online presence, then you might have a shot. With the right attitude, talent and enough seed money, you can build a profitable cell phone accessory business. You can’t do it without doing a little research, though.

Here is a step-wise approach to starting a small business that sells cell phone accessories to get you started.

Step 1: Location, Location

No cell phone accessory business will set off without a perfect place. Start by renting a kiosk in high-traffic zones to ensure higher footfall and to save money. Plazas and malls are a good as any location to check out. Avoid areas with existing similar businesses to ensure reduced competition. Enlisting services of a real estate agent might be the right answer here.

Step 2: Setting Up

You will require shelves, display racks, and hooks to display your accessories. For payment, buy a credit card terminal and cash register. You can also sign up for a merchant account with a bespoke credit card provider.

Branding your store is paramount. Order high-res prints of cell phone accessories available in your shop. Display them upfront, on the walls, and any other strategic place. Distribute flyers and business cards. For marketing, list your store in business directories, both online and offline.

Step 3: E-Commerce and More

In the digital age, a responsive online store is indispensable. Let an expert design a vibrant and responsive website complete with the web store. Buy the computer, comfy chair, office desk and point of sale software to help you record and track inventory. You may also open a home office to file invoices, bookkeeping documents and store inventory. Sign for online merchant services like Paypal.

Step 4: Stocking

With everything set up and ready to go, you can now order cell phone accessories from wholesale stores or manufacturers. Do a little homework to garner the best trends in mobile accessory. Go for Bluetooth accessories, travel adapters, wireless keyboards, phones covers, batteries, and so much more.

Step 5: Marketing and Housekeeping

Now, social media marketing is trendy. Create social media accounts for your business – from Twitter to Facebook and everything in between. Better yet, create a cogent contact list of all your customers. Create weekly or daily offers.

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