How to Take the Best Selfie with iPhone

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The iPhone has amazing photo capabilities but the perfect taking the perfect selfie depends on your skill. You will want to polish up these skills just in case your friendly favorite celeb that is willing to take a selfie with you. Use these tips to shoot a picture all your friends will be drooling over on Instagram and Facebook.

Avoid the in face

If you want a ‘serious’ selfie, avoid making faces. Pouting, kisses, pouting and other ‘faces of the month’ will not look good while you’re a-list celeb is doing the perfect smile.  And keep your face a good distance from the camera even when you are taking a selfie alone. Otherwise you end up with that fish mirror look. If you are in a goofy mode, make the selfie more interesting using more than just faces. Make gestures.

Size it up properly

There is the square to guide you. Shoot in it and avoid unnecessary cropping. It will also help you balance the focal point of the selfie if there are other people in it.

Shoot at a minor angle

This is where many get it wrong. If you don’t have a selfie stick there is the risk of shooting from up too high, or from below too deep. Shooting from up too high makes your forehead larger and your eyebrows come out like a creep. If you shoot from an angle below too deep your chin, jowl, and nose will bulge out making you look piggy.

For the perfect angle while shooting with your hand, hold the camera straight out with your hand at a right angle to the body. Adjust a further 15 degrees outwards and 10 degrees up.  Nothing too mathematical, your eyes can judge well. Shoot from this angle. It will take in your full face.

Use the volume button or a selfie stick

A blurred selfie is the curse of the index finger. If you are not holding your iPhone with both hands, it is very likely that the selfie will blur a bit. Use the volume button instead. Better yet, if there is a selfie stick, use it.  You will have more people in the selfie at a perfect angle.

Use burst mode

When you are taking a quick selfie, there is little time to get the perfect angle, there is the burst mode which allows you to take up to 10 photos at one go.  Use it and shoot away. Out of 30-40 photos, there will be a good one.