Things You Didn’t Know About 5G Phones: Should You Get One?

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There is a lot of talk about the incredible speeds that A 5G network comes with for a 5G phone. That’s something to be excited about. With speeds of up to 1gbps, 5G networks whether in home broadband or ‘tactile’ internet are a highly significant upgrade from 4G LTE networks that offer what people already consider great network speeds of up to 20mbps. Owning a 5G phone will mean using a network with speeds that are a hundred times faster and will potentially skyrocket to 20gbps in the long-term. This introductory information alone is already impressive enough to excite you to want to get a 5G phone. However, the mainstream media’s focus on downloading a 4K movie in three seconds with a 5G networks is not enough good publicity, and that’s why the public isn’t excited about the 5G yet.

  1. The Support Capacity of 5G Phones Networks

The eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband) which is a feature of 5G is just a tip of the iceberg in the story. It’s essential to understand that 5G networks will have the capacity to support as many as a million devices in a square kilometer using massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC). They will as well comprise of Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) alongside super-dense and super-fast speeds, which will be a massive change in the tech world.

  1. 5G Phones Has Access to Super-Fast Wireless Home Broadband

The prevailing understanding people have about 5G is that it is limited to smartphones and mobile gadgets, but in reality, the network is for home broadband. It’s more or less like a wireless fiber with ultra-speeds for any online activity at home. The US has focused some 5G trial modems for homes, placing them on windows with a 5G mast on sight. They use a router to spread this super-fast 1gbps WiFi.

The ability of a 5G powered phone in terms of watching TV and online videos makes using 4G phones for such purpose less fun. No loading, no stalling or freezing problems when online like on 4G devices. Everyone wants a better internet experience that makes full use of broadband capabilities.

  1. The ‘tactile internet.’

The URLLC feature on 5G is designed to generate low latency. Latency refers to the starting, stopping, and restarting time a communication system takes. Everyone experiences latency, especially while online on their device.  5G promises a 1-millisecond waiting time as oppose to 4G’s 40 milliseconds. That’s a revolutionary change. The words ‘tactile internet’ describes this feat. It means tech-based instant interactive communication.  This implies real-time interaction, for example, with robots and in brain scan tech in hospitals.

  1. Hi-Res Audio Technology: 5G Phones

5G comes with a huge change in the music world though the media focuses more on video related entertainment.  Instead of the usual compression of MP3 and AAC files on iTunes, you will be having hi-res 24-bit/192kHz audio (uncompressed), since 5G networks guarantee very easy-to-stream music files. Audios will increase tremendously in quality unlike with audiophiles today. Tidal, Qobuz, and Deezer offer hi-res music right now, and Amazon and Spotify are developing it too.

image credit to Huawei
  1. Mixed Reality –

Think about the planetarium-model of apps that smartphones come with which have a design depicting a night sky map of the planets and stars. That is the picture of the future.

With such planetarium apps featuring built-in data, real-time input will not be required on your 5G phone and other devices. This future 5G tech will use augmented reality (AR) apps not yet known as of now. But the network will advance to the point of providing real-time object and face recognition via 5G phones as well as smartglasses.

  1. An Internet of (multiple) Things

Your 5G phone comes with the feature mMTC, which handles density. It’s a great feature for sports lovers to be able to use their 5G phone in even a packed stadium still.  Something out of the league of  4G. The reason is, 5G networks are designed to support as many as about a million devices in a square kilometer. However, note that face-timing while at a sports game is just a small aspect of the huge package 5G phones can offer.


Such massive network support implies that a huge number of 5G phones will get connected. Besides, you will have tiny sensors attached to your clothes that connect to one another and with the cloud using the 5G network; all in real-time. It might not only be your 5G phone connected to the network but everything else that you own; for example, your backpack, the stuff inside, headphones, headsets, car, bike, and others. Company assets, robots, farm equipment and even tanks could enjoy the same network, such that your 5G phone could be a super device that has access to everything you own.

A 5G phone is really the phone of the future considering the series of superior capabilities it offers alongside real-time cloud thanks to low latency. So, your 5G phone like other devices won’t need any local processing power, but will just connect to cloud for data, files, or artificial intelligence. Only essential data would stay on your device.

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