Three Amazing Tips On How To Track Your Lost Smartphone

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On buying a mobile phone, we are always jazzed by the idea of a new phone. We do everything from socializing to locating jobs just by the click of a button. Phones have made our lives easier. We are slowly unknowingly, growing fond of our mobile homes.

But wait till it gets lost, you and Humpty Dumpty share a mutual feeling. Your whole world is crashing down at a skyrocketing pace. Your life source has been cut off. What else can you do? Misfortunes are bound to happen. What if there is a way you could track your phone?

Thanks to new technologies you can easily track your smartphone. You no longer require the experts to do this for you. With your basic IT skills and with the help of Google you are ready to go.

Here are three tips for tracking a mobile phone.

Tracking your Phone

  1. Find my iPhone feature on iCloud

Apple recognizes the need for helping their customers locate their devices once lost or stolen. If you are privileged to own an iPhone, you can always secure it by registering it on iCloud. With Find My iPhone feature you can easily keep track and protect your iPhone by logging on to iCloud with your credentials.

With these setup on your gadget, you can do the following:

  • Using a map locate your device.
  • Play an audio tune to help you find your phone.
  • Use Lost Mode to track and disable your device.
  • Erase remotely all of your personal details on your phone.
  1. Use of Android Device Manager

If you are one of the many folks who prefer to use Android phones, then having the Android device manager application on your phone is crucial. No matter how careful you are, you can always lose track of your phone. This helps you to track your phone last unknown location by going to the android device manager website.

First, you will need to link your device to your Gmail account. Once you are all signed in and set up, Android device manager can quickly pinpoint your phone’s location. It also lets you lock, change the password or play music to locate it even when it’s closed or in silent mode. If the comes to the worst, always erase your details using this application.

  1. Find my phone for window users

Last but not list are the Windows phone users. You are not left behind. It’s nerve wracking when your phone is stuck between the sofa pillows and you just can’t seem to find it. Well, Window have come up with an app called Find My Phone that enables you to track your phone. It works on the same principle as the rest of the tracking applications. All you need to do is have a Microsoft account that you used to register your phone with. Go to and choose the phone you want to find, and then click Find My Phone.

Hope these three tips are of great help.