Tech Throwback: Vintage Phones that Shaped the World as We Know It

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The entire world gave a loud roar as the return of Nokia’s 3310 was announced at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. The early models of Nokia phones, such as Nokia 3310 and Nokia 3210, made mobile phones affordable to everyone, thus earning the title “first mobile phone of the masses.”

With the upcoming return of the iconic phone Nokia 3310, we can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic about those phones that have been deeply ingrained in the fabric of our past. These vintage phones greatly affected the world’s culture and mobile technology, shaping it to become what it is today.

Here are other four of the most iconic phones that shaped the world as we know it:

Motorola Dynatac 8000X (1983)

Source: | Did you know that since Motorola Dynatac 8000X are all analogue, this model does not use SIM cards!

This is the cellphone that started it all in the mobile phone technology. Martin Cooper created this unit and made the first phone call using this device in 1973. However, it was not released in the market until 1983. This phone is 13 inches long, has an antenna almost the same length of the unit, weighs 825 grams, and during that time, cost $4,000 dollars! Motorola Dynatac 8000X surely deserves the title “Mother of all mobile phones.”

Orbitel 901 (1992)

Source: | The first ever SMS made Christmas 1992 a merry one indeed!

Orbitel 901 is the first SIM-based phone that could be used on a network. It is also the first to receive an SMS text message. Using this phone, you can send a text message up to 160 characters. Thanks to this unit, we can easily switch phones without applying for a new phone number! It totally saved us from much hassle, right?

Blackberry 6210 (2003)

Source: Time | Truth or Lie: Did you use to be a crackberry? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody!)

This unit opened the door for mobile phones to be indispensable to the business world by giving an instant access to emails. Aside from this notable feature, Blackberry 6210 is also an integrated phone, enabling other functions such as calls, SMS, web access, and the Blackberry messenger. It was well-loved by many, to the point of obsession, which gave rise to BlackBerry addiction also known as “Crackberry.”

Motorola Rokr (2005)

Image courtesy of

Gone are the days of holding a phone on one hand and a music player on the other hand. The first mobile phone with iTunes, Motorola Rokr paved the way for phones to function as a media player. It can contain up to 100 songs. It also has a color display, a VGA camera (0.3 megapixels), and a Bluetooth. This phone was so cool back then that it inspired Apple to make the iPhone. See? This unit was totally groundbreaking!

These are just some of the mobile phones that shaped our world and opened many doors to the continuous advancement of the mobile technology. There are still several phones not mentioned in this list that has each created a powerful effect in their own special way. How about you: which mobile phone made a huge impact in your life?