Top 10 Location Ideas For Your Cell Phone Accessories Store

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Where you decide to put your cell phone accessories store could be the difference between famine and feast. Your store location is critical to the success of your business because, without a good mobile accessories business location, you may not be able to control and optimize your sales. If you are stuck trying to figure out the best location for your store, here are top 10 location ideas for your cell phone accessories store:

Put your store within a store

It might be a good idea to partner with another small business or a successful boutique retail store to help you access more customers than you would by yourself. Counter space or shelf space is sufficient to help you get started.

Farmer’s Markets

People love farmer’s markets because of the wide range of products and services that are usually on offer. They are also great spots for relaxing and shopping so it will not be as hard trying to attract new customers.


Fairs, especially arts and crafts ones are ideal for a pop-up cell phone accessories store. Also, it can be called marketplaces of festivals and they are characterized by customers looking for unique products and experiences.

Shopping center or mall

Malls and shopping centers are the hallmarks of modern consumerism. Shopping centers are ideal locations because they typically experience massive foot traffic and there are options such as kiosks, pop-ups, or booths depending on the size of your operation.

Street level retail space

If you can find a busy street-level retail space, this would be the best space for a brick and mortar store. Although it may take some time before it can become a reality, a successful street-level retail space should be something you aspire to.

Near a post office

In many instances, post offices experience a lot of traffic. Before you set up your store here, you should investigate and analyze to see if it will be a good option.

Near a coffee shop

Let’s face it; everybody loves coffee. People are constantly getting coffee through various points of the day so a coffee shop is an excellent spot for your accessories shop.

Near a successful or popular restaurant

Positioning yourself next to a successful restaurant can do wonders for your new accessories business. Make sure to find a restaurant that compliments your mobile accessories store location.

Near a movie theater

Movie theaters provide opportunities for patrons of galleries to visit your shop for personalized artwork on their cell phone covers.

Close to a music store

Music stores provide a healthy customers base for clients that are interested in unique phone accessories.

In a campus or college

College students are always looking for fresh new ways to stand out and your phone accessories business can help them do just that as long as you provide unique products.

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