Top 10 World’s Greatest Android Apps 2016

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It’s 2016; if you are looking for a robust, holistic, and fun-filled Smartphone OS, then don’t look beyond Android. Heck, crème de la crème of world-class apps are available for free from Android Play Store. These apps are synonymous with the OS itself, and beyond. What’s more – many people cannot, albeit unknowingly, live without them.

So what are these apps? Hold your guns; I present to you top 10 world’s greatest Android apps 2016.

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is admittedly one of the most customizable and compelling third-party keyboards available in Google Play. With a vibrant predictive engine like no other, SwiftKey Keyboard has proven to be a formidable force in Android keyboard arena.


WifiMapper is an invaluable tool is an increased battle for connectivity. It denotes all details about nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. What makes WifiMapper stand out? Unlike its rivals, it actually works!


If you are an android user and have never heard of Evernote, then you must have woken up on the wrong side of a cave! It’s undeniably the most popular note-taking and note-organizing app out there. It ingrains the ability to insert media, create lists or tasks, all of which are synced to the cloud.

Google Drive suite

This is perhaps the best cloud-based storage available in Android. From Google Docs to Google Slides and everything in between, Google Drive suite comprises a holistic suite of productivity apps. New users get 15GB free storage for life upon signing up.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer has been around for awhile but has evolved into a formidable force to reckon with. It boasts myriad powerful features; from file browsing, multimedia playback to unzipping and zipping sundry types of archives.

Facebook Messenger

Though it was faced with cold reception, Facebook Messenger is now one of the most used chat apps in android, only second to WhatsApp.


Now part of Facebook, WhatsApp has evolved from its early quirky days to an app that is threatening to change messaging as we know it. It now boasts over 1 billion users.


Everyone likes to save. Groupon is an app – with intuitive and seamless UI – that strives to help you garner coupons for restaurants, businesses, and events in your region.

Here Maps

Unlike Google Maps, Here Maps hordes the ability to download maps for offline use while offering the turn-by-turn online experience.


Heard of Zedge? It’s a one stop shop for all things you can use to customize your phone – ring tones, wallpapers, alarm tones, you name them.