Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Case on Your Phone

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Phone casing is a trend that smartphone owners are also into to either show off that pricey case or solely the intention to protect their priced phone.  There’s a whole heap of different case options that you can cherry-pick from hard ones, thick and thin ones, clear ones, colorful ones and squashy ones. Colorful and glitzy phone cases add identity to your phone and sometimes those Swarovski covered phone is a symbol of status quo for the rich and famous.  

New generation smartphones are getting thinner, lighter, and fragile. High-end smartphones cost a lot of money and it is understandable that the owner will buy a case to protect his investment from damage and scratches. That’s why you should use a case on your phone.

It is expensive

How much does your phone cost? $400 to $800 price tag is not a joke and maybe it took you some time to save and buy that dream phone. Casing your expensive phone is what comes to your mind first when you bought it for the sole purpose of protection if not for the bragging side of it. The case may not shield the screen if you accidentally drop your phone but it will surely protect further damage to the electronic parts inside.


You may have the latest phone available in the market with the revolutionary gorilla glass that is designed to be thin, light and damaged-resistant but the phone is still susceptible to scratches; and ugly scratches sucks. Probably it is tucked inside your pocket or in your purse most of the time that friction may cause unattractive scratches on your phone.


Ok, you all have the reasons why you have to protect your phone. But, if all phones are naked and you accidentally left your phone on the table together with your friends’ same phone, how would you be able to identify your phone? Uhm, get each phone and try to turn it on to see if it’s your screen saver? Or trying to type in your password hoping to open it? Not a good idea right?  One of the uses of having a phone case is not only for the showing off but for identity purposes as well. Your family and friends will surely know it’s your phone by the unique casing of your phone. You can dress up your phone without compromising the protection it needs. All you have to do is to find a quality yet the stylish case that will protect your phone if not lessen the damage.