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Top 3 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Mobile Phones

As of 2014 4.01 billion people or about 48.8% of the global population were phone users, this figure is expected to hit 58.9% by 2017 and it is projected that by 2020, 6.1 billion people will be smartphone users globally.

More phones are made, disused, inundated and disposed of into our lockers to join a whole host of other disused phones. As time goes by, it is becoming increasingly important that we find useful ways with which to dispose of these phones.

Donate Them. Women’s’ shelters, kids’ orphanage, research centres, senior centres and senior citizens can make use of your functional yet outdated phone. Others accept them so that they can sell them and raise cash for charity. By donating it you are enabling someone else to stay in touch or receive basic necessities from the sales of these old phones. You can go through the CharityGuide for the organizations that accept this kind of offers.

Return Them. There are suppliers and sellers who will willingly accept to buy back older phones at a reduced price. There are also those that have specialized in buying old, inundated and disused mobile phones. Some curators of old technology also have offers of buying out these old phones. Some suppliers also accept the offer of replacing your old phones with newer ones with an extra top-up of cash. Recycling plants is also another place you can take it to.

Sell Them For Cash. Some of the phones that we disuse tend to be very good phones that are still functional.  You have the option of selling it to someone who can’t afford a new version of the same phone. Sites like eBay, Etsy, OLX, and a host of other websites give you the ability to dispose of, your older, disused or outdated phone in exchange for cash.

Other Functions. You can also use your old phone as a Pocket Watch. Those with lights can be used as Flashlight. Some may not be as classy but they have great megapixels and produce high-quality photos meaning you can use them as Digital Cameras.

Given their metal and plastic components, proper ways of disposing of them have to be taken into account for the sake of our environment. Rather than throw it into garbage bins, trash cans or out in the open you can give them away to your friends. You can also become an old phones collector. This will enable you to connect with history and progression of technology.