Top 5 Ways to Increase Online Sale Productivity

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With thousands of competing businesses out there on the web, you are probably wondering how to make the best out of your great phone accessories business. Indeed, selling online has become harder as more businesses find it easier to operate on the web. Without proper tactics you could drown or operate a business that is barely staying afloat. Increasing sales productivity is one way to ensure that the products keep moving and your profits grow as you expand the business.

How can you do it?  

Leverage social media

Deploying the right social media tactics for your online business is like setting up a water stand in a full concert stadium on a sunny day. The demand is overwhelming if you are positioned in the right place. While your first considerations are Facebook and Twitter, newer networks could work better for a phone accessories business where the main market is the younger trendier generation.

Integra works well for trending and fashionable products. You can engage your Instagram audience by:

  • Showcasing the latest accessories and highlighting their features
  • Running contests to pull more interest in your products
  • Show user generated content to highlight your accessories’ popularity.

Interactive website

Your online store should get as much information from potential customers as possible. See what many people are looking for by integrating a wish list. This will enable you track trending demands and respond appropriately.

Funnel customers to your website with great landing pages. This will help you build relevant email lists that you can use for better targeting. Automate your reminders to reach customers when items on their wish list are available and when they are nearly out of stock.  

Highlight one product at a time

If you have a product you are sure offers the best in the market, highlight it alone on the home page. Choose themes that allow for this. You can rotate the items to be highlighted and do an analysis on what is in demand.

Use intuitive ads

Hover ads are very good in catching the attention of website visitors. Some studies have shown they can increase sales by as much as 162%. This in-your-face kind of advertising is good for highlighting those offers you know can beat the market.

Call to action

Create a sense of urgency in your sales pitch. Ask potential customers to take action for certain rewards like limited time offers and discounts. Make special edition items and highlight their limited quantity. This works well for trendy accessories.