Top Most Popular Holiday Phone Accessories 2018

Holidays are a time when you like to travel and visit places. It is a time of having fun and letting yourself become one with nature. However, in a day and age where everything is interconnected through the internet and the phone, it is hard to leave your house and become completely rustic by leaving your phone behind. Everybody likes to carry their phones around with them to have the slightest semblance of connection with the real world. Moreover, emergencies and other news can be easily conducted to people who have gone out on holidays if they have a phone with them. Music, taking pictures and browsing the internet are some of the other priorities that are important for a person out on a holiday.

What are phone accessories?

Phone accessories are extra parts of a phone that can be installed directly or indirectly to the body of the phone in order to improve its functionality. Some of this accessories enable you to use the internet without roaming charges, use your phone without even being near it, click pictures that are otherwise impossible to click with just the normal phone. Phone accessories are a blessing to the mobile user and improve the phone tenfold. These accessories are a must have especially during holidays since you have a lack of certain resources like charging points and WiFi, and also have special requirements like clicking candid pictures or listening to music.


This article provides you with a list of ten things that are a must have as far as holiday phone accessories go. All your possible needs and requirements have been accounted for in this article and a comprehensive list of the ten most important things has been made. These items include the following:

1. Action Camera

The action camera is a cool gadget and a very special accessory to own especially if your holiday plans include underwater activity like snorkeling or scuba diving. It is a brilliant accessory to own, which is capable of clicking pictures both on land and under water, whether stationary or moving. It can also record videos in all of the aforementioned circumstances. It also has WiFi connectivity so as to enable you to connect it to your phone and save them there to be uploaded later.

2. Smartwatch phone

The smartwatch phone is a next generation gadget that seems to have come out straight from the pages of a sci-fi movie. The watch has the capability of attaching a SIM card to it and enables you to browse the internet, make calls and even send messages. It has a 32GB expandable memory and can even store and play music for you. It is the ideal gadget to have if you are going out for a stroll in the evening in a foreign land and carrying valuables is something which you don’t want to do. You can simply leave your phone back at the hotel and still be able to utilize all of its essential features.

3. Dual SIM Card Tool

This cool gadget allows you to turn your regular iPhone into a dual SIM phone, where you can install your normal SIM card as well as a local SIM card to help save on roaming charges. This way you wouldn’t have to miss a call or a text while also being able to make your own calls and texts on the go without having to pay extra for it.

4. Portable WiFi Router

It is those places where there is an unavailability of internet that you need it the most. Be it inside a train or in an airport, or even in a remote location. A portable WiFi Router enables you to access the internet in places where there is no internet. All that you need to do is insert a SIM card (preferably a local one or an international data SIM, depending upon the rates) and use internet anywhere and everywhere.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music comes as a relaxation even when on a holiday. A Bluetooth speaker is a must have holiday phone accessory that allows you to listen to music at a considerably audible volume anywhere by just connecting your phone via Bluetooth with the speaker.

6. Portable Power Bank

Charging becomes a major concern for backpackers and can prove to be a real hassle when on the move. A portable power bank allows you to store a considerable amount of energy within itself beforehand for being used later to charge your phone when a charging point is not nearby. A good power bank has the capability of charging your phone 6 times over if charged fully beforehand.

7. Floating Selfie Stick with waterproof Bluetooth remote

A selfie stick that floats as well as has a Bluetooth remote to click the best selfies during your holidays, even when you are inside water or near it is a great thing to have when out traveling. This brilliant selfie stick by DiCAPac is something to have at the top of your list of wanted accessories for your holiday outing.

8. Waterproof Case for smartphones

DiCAPac is the company to rely on when it comes to waterproof accessories. The fear of getting your phone wet when out holidaying near a water body is one of the major concerns for any traveler. This waterproof case provides 100% waterproof protection for any phone up to 4.8 inches in size and allows you to have 100% operation of your touch screen after being installed over the phone.

9. International SIM card

Roaming charges are a painful expenditure, especially when traveling abroad. The charges are so exorbitant that it really wrenches your pockets dry. Owning an international SIM card allows you to make and take calls while traveling bereft of any extra roaming charges. It also allows you to save as much as 95% on data roaming charges, as well as provide you with the functionality of sending SMS. It is the best thing to own if you want to save up on pointless costs while being connected on the go.

10. Expandable Micro SD Card

An expandable Micro SD Card is one of the most important things to have in your list of holiday phone accessories. When travelling it is quite normal to carry around a lot of songs and videos for entertainment, and it is also a reality that you would click a lot of high resolution pictures that would fill up your phone memory. Having a high space expandable micro SD card helps you negate this crunch for space by providing you with ample space to store all the necessary files that you need to either store or pre-store before your holidays.