What You Need to Know about the Trade-in program for iPhone Repair

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For sure you have seen a broken iPhone; probably you have experienced it before in your life. There are rules that you need to know about using them in a swap over, here’s what you need to know:

Upon releasing the latest unit iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, you would be probably looking down at your current iPhone and thinking of a possible upgrade. The newest iPhone models come along with very high prices and upgraded memory, but those prices may still vary and may reduce a bit depending on wherever you go.

You can choose to go for a plan if you want to own one. It works by paying the whole price of the phone for years depending on your choice (it might take you to complete the payment starting at 1 year to 3 years). The goal is to cut down the payment every month but still paying for the overall cost at the end.

Another way around is by trading in and trading which Apple approves.

Same as to how you can put up for sale old things on eBay or other marketplaces platform, Apple will purchase your old Apple products such as phones, MacBook, Macs and other Apple gadgets from you, then will give you a markdown or discounted prices for a new iPhone from the value of the gadget you are eyeing for or applying that value to installment credit.

Here is the updated list of iPhone and estimated trade-in value from Apple’s website.

Your device Estimated trade-in value
iPhone XS Max Up to $500
iPhone XS Up to $420
iPhone XR Up to $300
iPhone X Up to $320
iPhone 8 Plus Up to $250
iPhone 8 Up to $170
iPhone 7 Plus Up to $150
iPhone 7 Up to $120
iPhone 6s Plus Up to $100
iPhone 6s Up to $80
Your device Estimated trade-in value
MacBook Pro Up to $2470
MacBook Air Up to $640
MacBook Up to $590
iMac Pro Up to $4050
iMac Up to $1460
Mac Pro Up to $1660
iMac Pro Up to $4050
iMac Up to $1460
Mac Pro Up to $1660
Mac mini Up to $220
Your device Estimated trade-in value
Apple Watch Series 4 Up to $130
Apple Watch Series 3 Up to $80
Apple Watch Series 2 Up to $60
Apple Watch Series 1 Up to $30
Your device Estimated trade-in value
iPad Pro Up to $240
iPad Up to $130
iPad Air Up to $80
iPad mini Up to $90


Other devices are free for recycling.

Apple trade-in program: How does it work online?

If you are an online person, you might feel the need to set off the process at the Apple website and jump right into trading an old model of iPhone for a much more monetary value before upgrading into a brand new one, so here is the process to help you all the way.

First off, you will need to fill out a form, send it in your phone, and Apple or some of its partners will verify your phone. Processing it throughout to determine whether it’s suitable for a trade, and how much money you will need to shave off in your savings in order to get it.

Your value for trade-in may still be subject to change depending on your package, which includes accessories like a headset, cables, and chargers. The main point here is to maintain all devices you’re planning to trade in in the best running condition as possible.

The timeline of an online process usually takes between 5 to 14 days so it’s a heads up for you that your device won’t be around the whole time of the process and may need to find for an alternative.

What about a damaged iPhone?

But what about the case is you have damaged iPhone? Well, it might bother you thinking if you are still eligible for a trade-in. 

Having a damaged iPhone means it is no longer eligible under the trade-in program. But, Apple can still assist you in the recycling of your device, leaving you no cost in your end.

These likely to cater to a damaged back pane of glass or a broken screen, but what if the scenario is your iPhone has been already repaired?

Trading a repaired iPhone outside of Apple

Admit it, if you broke or damaged your phone your first option will run it to the nearest repair shop in your area. Thinking that it’s not too serious or too big, but you need to remember that not every iPhone repairer is not legit, and usually, the choice of gears, components, and costs makes a big difference. 

You may ignore the importance and won’t affect your daily life activities, but if you need to come back to Apple containing the parts that are not approved by Apple, then your iPhone might not become eligible by the trade-in team. You may regret it since it can become costly to your end to get your iPhone back.


Upgrading your phone is something that makes sense here, as long as you can swap your last phone into something newer and willing to spend some dollars to have the latest iPhone. The figures are not bad, and they are something to consider. You need to find an alternative if you wish to take the online process. Always make sure that your iPhone is still in good condition and perfect for trade-in or else you won’t be eligible rather Apple will assist you in recycling your unit. 

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