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Why Smartphone Repair Industry Has a Growing Trajectory

Before, smartphones are one of the most considered luxury buys that only well-off portion of the society or those who will spend a large percentage of their resources can afford to buy. But this has changed over the last decades, especially the year of 2010. 

The Smartphone Industry is Booming

It’s undeniable that today, people are considering the smartphone as part of their basic necessity due to its being handy, kick-ass features, fast and convenient communication, and customizable and downloadable application that will suit your daily activities and needs. 

Based on a recent report, the smartphone users in the world this year have already ballooned to 3.5 billion, making 45.12% of the population. It’s a booming industry for the smartphone, unlike before, as prices are surprisingly declining and making smartphones more affordable to consumers.

The birth of Smartphones also gave way to the birth of the smartphone repair industry. From a simple scratch, jailbreak, upgrade, and other technical problems, Smartphone users will always run to a smartphone repair shop to make their unit always in good condition. 

The Smartphone Repair Industry

Compared to previous years, the smartphone repair industry is not at the stage of growth that it has before; no doubt it still plays a very important role in the smartphone industry. It will continuously hit a large scale of its target market, as well as to bring market potentials. The rate of smartphone saturation does not mean it will cause a zero demand for repairs. Every two seconds, a smartphone breaks happen in the US alone.

Even smartphone shipments overload, many users will still opt to run to repair industries for professional assistance regarding cell phone issues.

Facts and Statistics about the Smartphone Repair Industry

  • Last 2014, $23.5 billion was spent in the U.S. to address and fix broken smartphones. A segment of that figure was spent on cracked screens. The screen replacement industry is thriving as well.
  • Two–thirds and more of the smartphone repair shop owners venture on this kind of business for about less than two years ago. Most of them don’t have experience in a particular industry and comes solo.
  • Over three-quarters of owners have an employee with 5 or less.
  • When someone upgrades into a new smartphone, someone else ends up buying an old unit after finding out a few needed repairs.
  • Approximately 60 percent of all smartphone repair shops also offer various smartphone accessories; such as batteries, cables, tripod, selfie stick, screen protectors, protective cases and other “defensive” accessories that are perfect for your convenience and to prevent further damage.
  • Partly in the U.S. households have and own at least one Apple product- mostly iPhone. Around 25 percent of iPhone users have an experience of having cracked their screen at one time. This scenario has imperative benefits for the smartphone repair trade.
  • The projected revenue of the smartphone repair industry is just about 5 percent per year. At least for the next few years, it can attain a total number of more or less $1.5 billion. This soaring figure is possible because smartphones may have numerous delicate parts and repairs may be crucial and urgent to avoid additional damages in the unit if not repaired promptly. Instead of buying a new phone, some users may opt to have it checked on the repair shop first before disposing of the broken unit.

It only goes to show that an industry is in the beginning stage can rapidly grow, and it is easy to venture on the smartphone repair industry at this juncture. Even in some way, the statistics show the potential strength of the smartphone repair industry.

What Keeps The Smartphone Repair Industry Alive?

No One Affords To lose Personal Information and Other Data

Sometimes, you think of replacing a new smartphone right after seeing your unit accidentally submerged in the swimming pool, run over by a fast vehicle and many unexpected events that may wreck your current unit to revive and save your unit whatever it takes.

You will still contact a repair shop or searching for the nearest repair service in your area and get an assurance that all important documents and data are still retrievable and remain complete despite the damages. When your broken smartphone contains your important data, having it repaired is the best option rather than disposing of it and upgrade and buy a new smartphone unit.

Durable Phones Are Expensive

The smartphone repair industry will continue to be very vital despite the speedy development of smartphone technology. It’s all because of the levels of the durability of these devices are not vulnerable to change. There may be brands in the market that have good reviews with resilience.

However, there are still phones that have bad or worse rates in terms of durability. Besides, the price of phones that are claiming super durable would be something that the mainstream of masses cannot pay for owning one.

Most of the common problems encountered by users that are best to have them check at a repair shop most (most especially if your smartphone is out of warranty) damaged speakers, cracked screen, total shutoff, and malfunctioned power ports.

Smartphones’ ability to get connected to the internet is much more susceptible to timely repairs rather than phones that only offer fundamental features. Plus, the smartphone has more sensitive screens than a basic phone, which means you will see a growth trajectory of the smartphone repair industry, as long as the companies keep on manufacturing and developing smartphones.


The smartphone repair industry is promising, especially in giving income. As technology evolves the smartphone business will remain and stay. Some users still prefer to repair their unit rather buying a brand new one, especially with preserving information. Also, overpriced smartphones are something to call out as most users can afford repair rather than replacement.

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