Why the Smartphone Repair Industry Remains Indispensable

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Smartphones are very delicate cellphones, therefore easily damaged. This delicacy often makes them prone to needing repairs now and then. Statistics show that, in the U.S. alone, every two seconds, one smartphone breaks which equal to 15.77 million smartphones a year. At this rate, the smartphone repair industry can never banish. The smartphone industry deals with:

  • Screen repair and replacement
  • Camera and sensor repair and replacement
  • Damaged speakers
  • Malfunctioning power ports
  • Broken casing
  • Battery repair and replacement, and;
  • Headphones repair and all other smartphone accessories that may need repair or replacement.

The mobile phone repair industry still has big market capacity and potential. It will remain to be an indispensable industry, even with the tremendous and rapid improvement of smartphone technology. However, there is still no or little durability of most devices despite the improvements. This lack of durability creates demand and market for the smartphone repair industry.

Things may not be as they were before, but that does not mean there is zero demand for repair. Buying a new phone is never cheap; therefore, a room for repair and replacement will always be there.

Reasons Why Smartphone Repair Industry Continues To Survive
  1. Complications of Official After Sales Support

Aftersales services are offered by the manufacturer of a product to maintain the customer seller bond and keep the customer satisfied at all times. Some of these services include staying in touch with the customers even after closing the deal, adapting immediate product exchange policy, take feedbacks and providing warranty and guarantee. Most of these services are limited to a specific time and condition.

Once you buy a smartphone you will receive a warranty and guarantee from the manufacturer, most of them are limited to a year and also limited to certain defaults while for some of them you will be required to add a certain amount of money. As if that were not enough, the process takes a long time to be completed, and that means staying without a phone which is nearly impossible in this digital world.

To avoid this, customers will always opt to take their smartphones to local phones repair shops where they can get them at any time and possibly at a lower price.

  1. Fear of Losing Personal Data

Once a phone is damaged, the first thing that runs in your mind is the data stored. The personal data or information is the most important thing to any user, nobody would want to lose that, and that’s why one will choose repair over replacement any time to retain all of the personal information especially if there was no back up anywhere.

  • Buying a New and Durable Phone Is Always Expensive

Durable smartphones have always been pricey and owned by the few. Most smartphone users own low price smartphones that still lack durability despite manufactures claims that they are unbreakable. Not being able to afford an expensive durable phone will have customers running to smartphone repair shops to get theirs fixed, and that’s why the smartphone repair industry will remain indispensable.

Is Mobile Repair Business Good?

The smartphone repair business is good if done right. To have a remunerative smartphone repair business, you need to have the necessary skills to become a phone repair technician, know how to market your company and provide excellent customer service. To sharpen skills, one can watch tutorials available on YouTube, Flipsy and iFixit, and also buying online books and reading them to educate oneself further on this area of specialization. It can be a fantastic business opportunity if one possesses excellent repair skills and good business acumen. There is always room in this industry for any cell phone repair technician who is also business savvy.

How Do I Start A Mobile Phone Repair Business?

Launching a smartphone repair business at home requires a few things but at the same time requires you to be extremely careful in each step of the way for it to be a success as follows:

  1. Learn the business and if it requires to enrol yourself in school, then do so because you need to be amongst the best in your field.
  2. Set up a workstation where you can focus on your work, be it the garage area, basement room or any other free space in the house. Add some furniture such as a table, chair and any other necessary furniture.
  • You need to have spare parts to replace the damaged ones in a good stock
  1. Give your business a name which must be accompanied by a good logo to give your business a proper identity.
  2. Learn the legal aspect of the business to avoid any problem with the law instruments such as registering your business.
  3. Monitor your finances
  • Advertising is one of the essential requirements when starting a business. Marketing your business will gain you more customers always.
Smartphone Repair vs Smartphone Replacement, Which One Is the Best Option?

It all depends on the phone. For some phones, it is better to repair than replace with a new one and vice versa. To settle this, let’s go through the reasons to fix your phone instead of buying a new one.

  1. Repairing saves money as new phones tend to be pricey.
  2. You can utilize the warranty if it is still valid as long as the manufacturer within the prescribed time causes the damage.
  • Repairing saves time compared to buying a new phone which requires you to save up before you can afford to purchase a durable smartphone.

After going through the conditions that favour smartphone repair over replacement, it is vital to examine the opposite side of the coin. Replacing your smartphone is better than repair because:

  1. Some smartphones are irreparably damaged; if you choose to fix it, then it might be an everlasting process.
  2. Some spare parts are too expensive, so you might as well cop a new phone.
  • Getting an upgrade is important too. Sometimes when your phone gets unpleasantly damaged, it might be a sign that it’s time for a change of phones to a better one hopefully. Smartphones technology develops each day with new versions and features, so buying a new phone might not be a terrible idea after all.


The bottom line is, the smartphone repair industry is here to stay. As long as cell phones are manufactured, then the customer service support system will be needed. The continuous production of low-quality design smartphones will always favor the industry too. Some consumers will always prefer repair over replacement. After all, the majority of smartphone users can afford to repair their phones than buy new ones.

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