5 iPhone Tips and Tricks

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There are a perhaps a dozen more hidden features on iPhone that one could play around and may not have thought ever existed.


Here are five collections that will definitely make your iPhone a superb mobile.

1. Setup a secured password

Do you know that you can change your password from the default 6 digit pin to alphanumeric? I know it’s cool.

Using letters and numbers gives you more combination which makes your iPhone less vulnerable to any form of breaches.

Just follow these steps and you should be good to go.

Step 1: Open Settings app

Step 2: Select Touch ID and Passcode

Step 3: Change Passcode

Note that you need to tap passcode options to opt for the custom alphanumeric code.


2. Maximize photo lighting effect

A feature on your iPhone called Portrait Lighting is the answer you’re looking for to capture a picture-perfect mood.

Open the camera app, and instead of the usual shot with one shot, just swipe across the bottom menu to be in Portrait Mode. If you see the hexagonal icon just tap the Natural Light icon and a circular menu should appear where you can select the swipe across through the other four options. You should have the option of your choice which photo lighting effect suits your preference.


3. Taking photos and video at the same time

This is awesome! You only have to simply tap the camera button while you are recording that video. It appears on the screen where you see the shutter button while filming.


4. Store pdf files on iBooks

You will surely love this feature. Do you know that webpages you keep visiting all the time can turn into a pdf file and saved in your iBook?

Just tap share from the menu, choose Save PDF to iBooks and bwaaallaahhh your favorite article in pdf format should now be readable in your iBooks.


5. Improve battery life

You can switch to Low Power Mode when you feel like you are running out of battery.

Just tap settings and choose Battery, then select Low Power Mode.

Not only does it reduce consumption but also this will extend your iPhone’s battery life when there are no means of charging it, like when you are in the office but left your charger at home