phone accessories in 2018, rise to fame

Phone Accessories That Will Rise To Fame In 2018

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The trend towards bigger screens, more processing power, and heavier apps are some of the factors expected to have a direct influence on phone accessories in 2018. It’s unimaginable, for example, to think that phone cameras would become as good as DSLR cameras. With clip-on lenses and flash, this is becoming a reality.

What phone accessories are expected to be most popular in 2018?
Power banks

Smartphone battery capacity is being outpaced by processing power and other features that draw power in increasing amounts. Power banks will continue being popular for people on the go. It might hit the 30,000 mAh threshold in 2018.  Also, power banks with dual USB and USB-C ports will be preferred as the USB-C is still to become standard in many devices.

Screen protectors

While screen protectors are not new, they are becoming thinner and more stylish. Tempered glass protectors will be more preferred than plastic protectors for high-end phones like the iPhone X whose owners demand better aesthetics.

Phone protectors

The iPhone X costs around $1,000. With such prices, phone owners will be looking to keep their phone safe in 2018. Phone protectors that offer protection from water damage and shock will continue being very popular. Use of smartphones to take underwater pictures will see the continued rise of waterproof protectors that can work at deeper levels for longer.

USB Cables

USB-C is the future. It supports faster data transfer and charging. It has featured on high-end Samsung phones and will become standard for more mobiles in 2018. As more mobile devices shift to using the USB-C, the need for USB cables that can connect to old style USB will increase.

Wireless earbuds

Apple has shifted away from wired audio with the elimination of the headphone jack. Apple says this is to make way for other features and make phones thinner. Faster Bluetooth connections will allow for better sound quality and it is expected other mobile brands will soon do away with the headphone jack making wireless earbuds the standard.

Clip-on camera lenses and flash

Smartphone cameras have become more powerful, with 22 Megapixels and above being seen in some high-end models. For professional photos, clip-on lenses have recently become available. These photo accessories will see a rise in popularity for people who would prefer to carry a single device instead of carrying a separate digital camera.

Add-on trackers

While software tracking has become standard, hardware trackers offer an extra level of protection. These trackers will continue being popular for high-end smartphones.

(phone accessories in 2018, rise to fame,)